July 9th, 2019

Big Bang Art Post: Fire Front

Title: Fire Front
Author: kelleigh
Artist: sweetheartdean
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 41K
Warnings: Age Difference (no underage). Mild Violence and Injury.
Summary: Before his 18th birthday, bitter foster kid Jensen Ackles was given a choice between prison time or military service. He chose the latter and spent the next decade channeling his rage into training and multiple tours overseas. When he’s finally discharged, he moves to Boston to live with the only person who ever gave a damn about him, but the anger that’s plagued him since he was a teen refuses to let him settle into a normal life. Pushed to the brink, Jensen discovers the world of illegal fighting and uses it to burn the violence out of his system. Empty warehouses, rundown factories, and foreclosed clubs become the arenas where Jensen fights for money and relief.

One night, after emerging victorious from his latest challenge, he finds a young man waiting for him, offering him a prize he won’t refuse. Jensen sees so much of himself in the skinny, stubborn kid, and he’s torn between his desire to corrupt and his need to protect. Jared Padalecki is lost, working at a small diner and trying to make ends meet. He’s stuck between a home that doesn’t want him and a dangerous world filled with people who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of him. Jensen finds himself fighting to keep Jared from repeating his own mistakes while at the same time battling the rage inside him. Will it consume him before he can save Jared, or is Jensen the one in need of saving?

Link to fic: AO3

This year I have been lucky enough to claim kelleigh's amazing story about an angry badass underground fighter Jensen and his biggest fan, tough and stubborn Jared. They (spoilers!) totally fall in love. ANYWAY YOU SHOULD GO READ THIS STORY AND GET EMOTIONALLY DESTROYED BY HAVING ALL THE POSSIBLE FEELINGS. AHHHHHHHHHH *clutches chest* Kelleigh has been an absolute joy to work with from start to finish and I am very excited to be posting today. <3

Here goes art. Mild spoilers ahoy!
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Angst! Blowjobs! Very abstract blowjobs, in fact!

Tahmoh and Jared cooking breakfast! Tahmoh was such a precious gem in this fic, I LOVE HIM:

Chapter title:

That's all, folks!